Capital Improvement Project

Five Year
Capital Improvement
Projects Overview
(2020 - 2024)

Planning for the Future

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) has an aggressive capital improvement projects plan to build and enhance necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing community.

As New Braunfels and the NBU service territory continue to experience unprecedented growth, NBU is committed to more than $587 million in capital improvement projects. This will ensure NBU is well prepared to meet the electric, water, and wastewater needs of its customers for decades to come.

While there are more than 70 capital improvement projects in progress and/or being planned, over the next five years, this overview summarizes NBU’s key projects.




These annual expenditures provide service to accommodate system growth. In FY 2020, NBU estimates electric meter connections to increase by 5.3 percent. It is estimated three miles of distribution overhead primary will be added and 19 miles of underground distribution will be added. Specific system extensions include those within Veramendi, Vintage Oaks, Solms Landing, and other developments

Electric Aging


This ongoing project consists of replacing aging infrastructure within the system. Utility poles, overhead wire, pad-mounted equipment, and underground cable are all included. Upon replacement, construction is to current standards. In particular, newer and technologically superior materials are anticipated to have a greater lifespan and duty cycle. As one example, new underground cable is designed for a minimum 40 -year service life.

Koehlenberg Substation
and Transmission


Hueco Springs Substation


Sheriff's Posse Substation T-3


Loop 337 Substation T-2


Transmission Breaker


Kerlick Tower



Surface Water Treatment
Plant Expansion


The NBU Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) currently has a designed capacity of 8.0 million gallons per day (MGD). The proposed expansion will double the plant to provide a total of 16 MGD sustained capacity. The plant

Avery Park 30"
Water Main


The Avery Water Main project includes the construction of a 30-inch water main to convey water from NBU’s production facilities near the center of town to the southeastern extent of the water territory at Avery Park. The Main will begin near the intersection of IH 35 and Highway 46 and end at NBU’s Avery Park Elevated Storage Tank.

Weltner Road Ground
Storage Tank and
Pump Station-Phase I


The purpose of this project is to build the first of two phases of a pump station with ground storage facillities that will receive and integrate new water supplies into the east side of the NBU water system. New Braunfels Utilities has identified 10,000 acre-feet of water supply that will be delivered to this pump station by 2023. The first portions of the water delivery began in the summer of 2019.

Bretzke and Country Hills
Ground Storage Tank


Aquifer Storage and Recovery


Water Plant Pump #5



Gruene Wastewater Treatment Plant
Relocation and Expansion to the
Gruene Water Reclamation Facility


The project will expand the capacity of the Gruene Wastewater Treatment Plant and relocate the facility out of the floodplain. Phase 1 will be constructed within the scope of this project and will have a capacity of 2.5 MGD. The project will include odor control, sewer transfer pipe from the existing plant to the new facility, abandonment of the existing plant, abandonment of a lift station and construction of a sewer transfer pipe from the Blieders Creek lift station to the new facility site.

North and South Kuehler Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion


This expansion will increase the total treatment capacity to 9.4 MGD and bring the existing plant into Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) compliance. The project includes TCEQ permit modifications to combine the two existing permits into one single Kuehler Wastewater Treatment Plant discharge permit with a new single outfall location.

Sam McKenzie Water Reclamation Facility Expansion


This project includes the expansion of the existing facility’s treatment capacity from 2.5 MGD to 5.0 MGD. Facility expansion is triggered by capacity thresholds regulated by the TCEQ. Design for the facility expansion will begin in FY 2020 with construction to begin the following year. Construction is scheduled to be completed in FY 2022.

North Kuehler 30" and 33" Interceptor Upgrade


A new 30-inch and 33-inch diameter sewer line will be constructed to replace existing 24-inch and 27-inch interceptors in the North Kuehler-7 and North Kuehler-9 drainage basins. The existing interceptors are near capacity during peak wet weather flows. The project will provide additional capacity for growth in the North Kuehler Basin.