Obtaining Temporary Electric Service

Commercial Service Information

For New Construction

A customer who needs service for a location that is in the process of being constructed will need to contact New Construction at (830) 608-8992 or (830) 608-8919 or newconstruction@nbutexas.com

For an Existing Location

A customer must apply for services either:

  • in person – 263 E Main Plaza, New Braunfels, TX 78130
  • by fax  - (830) 629-2119
  • by mail  - PO BOX 310289, New Braunfels, TX 78131

A customer applying for service will need to provide NBU with the address for which they are requesting services.  The service location address will determine the services that are provided for that specific location.  The customer will also need to provide NBU with identification such as a driver’s license and a social security number.

Administrative Fee

There is a $45.00 administration fee which is charged when initiating new services and this will be billed on the first monthly billing.

Documentation Requirements for Commercial Customers

Commercial customers shall provide all of the appropriate documentation as listed below, unless otherwise stated.


  • DBA (Doing Business As), or
  • Sole Proprietorship
  1. Individual owner should sign as the Authorized Agent
  2. Driver’s License of the owner
  3. Social Security Number of the owner
  4. Tax exempt certificate, if applicable
  • Partnership (Includes Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership)
  1. A copy of the partnership agreement (signed and dated).  The terms should show that the partner requesting NBU service has the authority to make a contract or do business for the partnership.
  2. A Driver’s License of the individual requesting NBU service to verify they are the authorized partner.
  3. Tax exempt certificate, if applicable.
  4. The NBU Service Agreement should list the additional contact names of the partners.
  • Corporation (Includes Inc. (Incorporated) or P.C. (Professional Corporation), Joint Venture, and L.L.C. (Limited Liability Corporation)
  1. Original letter on corporate letterhead with full address and signed by an officer of the corporation with his/her title, such as CEO or President giving the applicant authorization to apply for service on behalf of the corporation.
  2. A Driver’s License of the individual requesting NBU service to verify they are the authorized agent mentioned in the corporate letter.
  3. Tax exempt certificate, if applicable
  4. And, one of the three documents listed below to verify the corporation exists;
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Corporate Resolution (This would show if the applicant is specifically empowered to initial contracts and make agreements)
  • Certificate of filing with the Secretary of State