2015 Landscape Contest


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 Landscape Contest Rules

  1. Contest will be comprised of 2 categories – Residential and Commercial.
  2. Nominees may be nominated by friends, family, neighbors, or be self-nominated.
  3. Nominees must be NBU water customers and have an active NBU water account.
  4. Nominees who pump water from the river or draw water from a private well to irrigate their yard and landscape are not eligible.
  5. Entrants from previous years are eligible as long as they did not place in the top three during the previous year's landscape contest.
  6. Include 5-10 color photos; One photo must show an overall view of the front yard and one of the back. Photos may be submitted electronically if they are in jpeg, tiff or pdf format.  Submitted photos will not be returned.
  7. Photos provided will be used to score properties by judges.
  8. Judges’ decisions are final, including disqualifications based upon inappropriateness.
  9. Applications and photos may be submitted electronically to Please place address in the subject line.

To download a copy of the contest application please click here.
(You must first download and save the form before filling out the application for it to save changes.)

To complete and submit an online version of the application please click here.


  1. First place winners will receive double the amount, eligible under NBU’s Drought Tolerant Landscape Rebate. If first place winners have previously qualified and received NBU’s Landscape rebate, they will be awarded the like amount already received.
  2. Contest winners and runners up will be showcased in NBU’s 2016 Drought Tolerant Landscape Calendar.  
  3. All contest winners and runners up will receive contest yard signs to display in their yard.
  4. Winners will be interviewed and showcased in local media.

 Judging Criteria

  1. Overall Attractiveness – The overall look of the yard/landscape area: aesthetically/visually appealing, display of color, texture, common theme, form, curb appeal, properly manicured, tidiness, and lack of weeds.
  2. Appropriate Plant Selection – Are the plants used drought tolerant and native to our region? Are plants selected from the Outstanding Landscape Plants for Comal County? Invasive plants should be minimal or non-existent. Is landscape and turf functional? Are drought tolerant trees utilized?
  3. Design – Does the design fit the surrounding environment and take advantage of property features? Is decking and hardscape or other plants used to reduce turf size and conserve water? No more than 49% of the landscape area should be turf grass. Has a “Wildscape” been created, i.e. do the plants provide food or habitat for animals?
  4. Water Conservation and Efficiency – Is there an efficient use of water? What is the source of irrigation? Is irrigation designed to reduce runoff? If there is an automatic irrigation system, is there a rain sensor, irrigation meter, and/or drip beds/ soaker hoses? Is rainwater harvesting techniques utilized for irrigation?