Grass Removal Rebate Form



New Braunfels Utilities is committed to conserving our natural resources and is inviting you to join us by participating in our turf replacement rebate program.  This program will help you enjoy a beautiful and drought tolerant landscape that conserves water and saves you time.  For example, choose pervious hardscapes over impervious hardscapes to reduce run-off and allow water to soak into the soil.  Good examples are wooden decking, flagstone set in sand, decomposed granite pathways or 100% permeable artificial grass.  The installation of low maintenance shrubs and mulch, important factors in a drought tolerant landscape, minimize weeding and pruning, thus saving you time.  In addition, the replacement of large areas of water-thirsty turf with trees and shrubs provide shade and cool the surrounding area.  Also, a water saving landscape provides an opportunity to fill your yard with colorful butterflies and birds and creates a haven for wildlife.


Below is a list of requirements that must be met to qualify for a turf replacement rebate.  Take some time to examine your landscape and once you meet all of the following requirements, complete a rebate application and submit it to NBU for processing on a first come, first serve basis.  Use this link to save and submit a copy of the  application and guidelines. Instructions are provided on the application.  Follow these links for the Comal County List of Approved Plants or the List of Invasive Plants, or call 830.608.8925. 


PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (all requirements must be met)

Grass removal with permeable patio will not qualify for two (2) NBU Rebates.

  • A program application received between August 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018 is required to properly register and document your project.  A minimum of 100 sq. ft. of turf must be removed and all requirements of application must be met.  NBU reserves the right to terminate this program at any time and only NBU approved applications are eligible for payment under this rebate program..

  • Must be owner of landscape location and an NBU residential water customer. 

  • If artificial turf is installed, it must be permeable to allow water to pass through.

  • Topsoil depth must be 4” minimum with 6” as the target depth for optimum benefit.  Soils must be comprised of a minimum of 25% compost or organic matter.

  • Landscaped plants shall be from the Outstanding Landscape Plants for Comal CountyDrought tolerant turf will not qualify for this rebate. 

  • If a permanent irrigation system is installed, it must be capped in the area where turf was removed.  An inspection by NBU may be conducted in order to receive a rebate.
  • If irrigation is exists, spray/rotor heads may not be used in areas where no grass is present. Grassless or natural areas may only use some form of drip irrigation and must pass NBU inspection.


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