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Foundation Builders Membership 

The Headwaters at the Comal is a landmark of inestimable historical and ecological importance to the New Braunfels area. It represents both the source of the Comal River and the original center of growth for the community itself.


As such, we believe that its restoration, preservation and support should provide legacy opportunities for individuals, families and businesses in our area. We hereby invite you to participate as a founding member. There are many ways to get involved.

Phase 1 of the Headwaters at the Comal is now underway. This phase will include removal of a large portion of the asphalt on the site, restoration of the soils and creation of environmental zones, water quality improvement through the construction of bioswales and grasslands,  partial removal of the spring cap and restoration of the spring run, walking trails, and an outdoor classroom.

To learn more about Phase 1 of the Headwaters at the Comal project, watch the video below! 


Community Foundation Builder 

NBU is investing $4.5 million to respond to the environmental improvements needed on the site. A community effort is now underway to raise the remaining funds that will help move the full vision for the Headwaters at the Comal forward.

· Goal established to raise $1 million from community donations.

· Donations and pledges of $1,000 and up will be recognized on the Foundation Builders Wall.

· Honors those with the vision, confidence and courage to support this project.

· Strong financial backing by our community demonstrates the support that private foundations and corporations look for when considering applications for grants. Your support helps leverage ongoing fundraising efforts.

· The New Braunfels Area Community Foundation has partnered with NBU in this project to provide the 501C3 resource for donors.


Preservation Society Member

The Court of Las Fontanas

Our preservation society takes its name from “Las Fontanas” – the earliest reference to the Headwaters at the Comal, as related by an old Texan named John Rahm and recorded in a mid-1800s journal of Prince Carl Solms, organizer of the society that founded New Braunfels. Participation in this society will ensure:

· Name on donation wall

· Naming rights for specific features of the Headwaters property (at top donation levels).

· Recognition as an initial supporter of this important landmark.

· Invitation to all future public and private functions sponsored by the society.

· Permanent inclusion of your name on society roles as a legacy donor.

The Court of Las Fontanas Sponsorship Levels:

Patron  - $250,000

Explorer - $100,000

Benefactor - $50,000

Ambassador - $25,000

Envoy - $15,000

Consul - $10,000

Attaché - $5,000

Donations receive full tax benefits and pledges can be extended over 5 years. Donors can build on sponsorship level status.

All donations greater than $100 or more receive a Foundation Builder pin.

Click HERE to download a copy of the pledge form to print and mail in. 

To make a one-time or recurring donation, please visit

or call (830) 606-9536.