Utility Bill Assistance Program

The NBU Utility Bill Assistance Program is designed to aid customers in our service area who are experiencing extreme hardship and financial need. New Braunfels Foodbank manages the program for NBU and is charged with accepting applications and determining the amount of assistance that can be provided to customers to help pay for electric, water and wastewater charges on the bill. Contact the New Braunfels Food Bank directly at (830) 327-6000 for more information about the NBU Utility Bill Assistance Program.


If you are experiencing a financial hardship, visit NBU Utility Assistance to complete an online form to determine if you qualify for financial assistance towards your electric, water and wastewater charges on the bill.



If you would like to join NBU in assisting those less fortunate, please call the New Braunfels Food Bank at (830) 327-6000 or go to https://nbfoodbank.org/our-programs/benefits-assistance/nbu-utility-assistance/ to make a tax deductible donation.