Solar FAQ Sheet

Billing Questions

Q. Is there a surcharge for solar systems?
A. Yes, NBU assesses a surcharge of $1.37 per kW of system size. For example, a 5kW system has a $6.85 charge per month.

Q. Why is there a surcharge?
A. NBU's distribution rates are designed to recover a certain dollar amount regardless if a customer deploys solar or not. Distribution charges for residential average $31.54 per month.

Q. What happens if I generate more electricity than I use?
A. NBU will bank any excess generation and will credit net consumption within a future month. Banking is indefinite.

Q. Why have I not noticed a decrease in my bill since installing my solar panels?
A.  The average NBU residence requires over a 10kW system to completely offset their typical consumption. Average production is 110kWh per kW of solar system size and the typical residential consumption is 1,300kWh per month.

Metering Questions

Q. How many meters will I need?
A. NBU deploys only one meter per home that records home usage and solar generation.

Q. So what is my bill based off?
A. Your bill is based of consumption usage minus generation usage, or the first number minus the second.

Process Questions

Q. If I am adding a new solar system or increasing my current system's size, what steps do I need to take?
A. Contact NBU's Electric Engineering Department at (830)608-8951 and a technician will be assigned to your project.

Q. What is my maximum solar system size?
A. At present, NBU interconnected solar system may not exceed 10kW for residential and/or 100kW for commercial.


Q. Can I go off-grid completely?
A. NBU does not prohibit any customer from disconnecting electric service and/or going off-grid. That said, municipals may require a utility connected electrical system for all habitable structures. Check with the City of New Braunfels or the City of Schertz.

Q. Can NBU troubleshoot my existing solar system and inverter?
A. Unfortunately, NBU staff are not expert technicians for solar systems. Please contact your manufacturer and/or a licensed electrician. NBU can provide meter data to assist only.