General Information

  • Improving quality of life for our customers and community through excellence in service.
  • New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) was established in 1942 when the City Commission of New Braunfels purchased the electric transmission and distribution system from the Public Service Company of San Antonio. In 1959 the City of New Braunfels assigned operations of the water and sewer systems to NBU.

  • NBU employs approximately 200 people in three lines of business: Electric, Water and Sewer/Wastewater. These NBU systems have a net book value of $156.5 million with annual operating revenues of $106.8 million. Bond indebtedness totals $28 million and $1.1 million is spent on electric hydro. The City of New Braunfels receives an annual payment of approximately $4.9 million.
  • The NBU Electric System consists of 770 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines. Over 28,000 electric meters are on the system ranging from Clear Springs to Smithson Valley, from York Creek to Northcliffe. Annual revenues of $89 million are realized from the Electric System.

  • NBU residential customers enjoy some of the most competitive electric rates in the state. We have accomplished this by reducing costs, streamlining business activities and incorporating more efficient processes, while still offering new services and programs for our customers.

  • The NBU Water System has the benefit of two water supplies: surface water and groundwater. NBU operates six groundwater wells over the Edwards Aquifer, as well as an 8 million gallon per day surface water plant on the Guadalupe River. The surface water plant has enabled NBU to reduce its demand on the aquifer by 70 to 80%. Storage capacity consists of approximately 15.3 million gallons of water maintained in elevated tanks and ground storage. An annual demand of 3 billion gallons of water is met for the over 21,600 customers on the system.

  • The NBU Sewer/Wastewater System contains approximately 331 miles of line and presently serves over 18,900 customers. The three wastewater treatment plants have a total capacity of 8.4 million gallons per day.