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Each year, NBU conducts a community smoke test survey in the four quadrants of our service territory to ensure water safety. This test helps us locate breaks, defects, and plumbing faults to maintain the integrity of our wastewater system.

What to Expect:

  • The door hanger to the right will be placed at surrounding homes and businesses before the tests begin.
  • You do not need to be at home during the test.
  • If any individual in your home or business has respiratory problems or is immobile, please notify us at 830.608.8831 prior to testing.
  • Crews will open manholes in streets and easements and pump a non-toxic, non-staining gas through the pipe system to identify breaks or defects.
  • If no lateral defects are found, smoke will exit from vents on the roof of your home. (see graphic below)
  • If smoke enters your home, or you discover smoke when you return, there is a chance that dangerous wastewater gases may be entering your home. Please evacuate and call us immediately at 830.608.8800.
Infographic depicting NBU's community smoke test process.
For Questions About the Smoke Test Program

Contact NBU at 830.608.8800.