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Planning an outdoor project that may involve digging or driving stakes into the ground? Before you begin, call Texas 811 to avoid hitting unseen underground utilities on your property.

These can pose a danger to you and your family. For businesses looking to break ground, you are even more likely to stumble across some sort of underground service. NBU wants to be sure you are prepared before you dig.

At NBU, safety is our number one priority, and here is the "hole" truth: before you dig, even with a shovel, dial 811 and request a "locate."

NBU and other utility providers mark any buried lines so you can know what is below.


Simply call Texas811 or request to dig via their online portal. It is the easiest way to hold yourself or your business accountable for future excavation projects.

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Whether you are building a pool or doing a bit of Spring landscaping, be sure to let us know!

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Contractors shall notify the following utility companies 48 hours before excavation:
Texas One Call

Understand some of the steps to safer digging and planning through the resources and policies below.