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For more than 75 years, NBU has served the New Braunfels area with electricity, water, and wastewater.

Our employees are committed to providing efficient and courteous attention to our customers, along with the lowest possible rates. We strive for exceptional customer service and environmental stewardship.


New Braunfels Utilities acquires power supply from various suppliers in the ERCOT electricity market. New Braunfels Utilities maintains a diverse power supply portfolio in order to procure power for customers that is reliable, low cost, and has reduced price volatility.

New Braunfels Utilities’ electric rates are unbundled into distribution charges, generation charges, and transmission charges. Distribution charges are comprised of fixed customer charges and variable kWh charges designed to recover NBU’s cost to maintain its electric infrastructure and deliver reliable service to its customers.

Find out more information about residential and small general service rates.


Water rates charged to NBU’s customers are competitive, and generally lower, when compared to neighboring communities. Through increased conservation efforts and customer education, NBU is able to keep costs as low as possible.


Low sewer rates have been managed, and achieved by efficient long-term operations and planning on behalf of NBU. For the years to come, NBU is committed to finding the right balance between fixed and variable rate components driven by higher efficiency water and wastewater usage.

If you are having trouble paying your bill, we have many payment options available.
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Energy Cost Reduction Initiative

In an effort to be a more transparent organization for our customers and to fulfill the requirements of House Bill 3693, NBU is posting its monthly utility costs. It is important to note that NBU operates three lines of business: Electric, Water, and Wastewater. The machinery, pumps, equipment, fleet and personnel needed to maintain reliability and ensure system operations, as well as the numerous support facilities that house a workforce of more than 300 employees ready to meet the needs of our customers. This posting will be updated annually.

NBU Monthly Utility Costs

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Fiscal Year 2019kWhKWTotal Electric CostGallonsTotal Water Cost
August 20182,289,9434,960$203,924.894,283,889$11,810.15
September 20182,474,4395,128$211,346.914,174,090$11,412.35
October 20182,215,1184,913$185,605.653,934,586$10,681.85
November 20182,046,5945,028$149,852.653,751,887$9,859.84
December 20181,937,2574,701$133,399.053,070,491$8,183.38
January 20191,858,5234,580$128,878.631,505,266$4,920.20
February 20191,997,7674,254$131,078.103,379,833$9,564.67
March 20191,965,6604,333$127,835.972,675,936$7,976.66
April 20192,006,7464,512$130,954.071,980,785$6,577.15
May 20192,085,1514,429$134,136.041,743,963$5,828.92
June 20192,209,4284,419$140,773.562,299,538$8,443.87
July 20192,230,8384,859$161,578.061,593,453$5,720.45