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Preliminary NBU Headquarters Design
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Responding to a Growing Community

According to 2020 Census data, in the last decade, New Braunfels experienced a 56 percent growth rate in population and has been consistently recognized as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. While this area’s growth has provided new opportunities and amenities for citizens, it has required New Braunfels Utilities to be even more strategic in its planning.

With more than $688 million in capital improvement projects, NBU is planning, building, and enhancing necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing community.  These improvements will ensure NBU is well prepared to meet the electric, water, and wastewater needs of its customers for decades to come.  In addition to more than 145 capital improvement projects over the next five years, NBU has added personnel, equipment, vehicles, and is in the planning phase to construct a new Headquarters facility.

NBU Headquarters Overview

An extensive process to identify the right location for the new facility began in early 2019, and a number of sites were considered. The NBU Water Resources Plan called for the expansion of the Trinity Well Field site to improve the withdrawal and treatment processes and volume available from the Trinity Aquifer. Adjacent to NBU’s existing Trinity Well Field Treatment Plant, a 48.58-acre tract located off of Westpointe Drive, in west New Braunfels, was selected as the new NBU Headquarters site for many reasons, particularly because it was the most economic use of public funds while meeting all development requirements of the City of New Braunfels. New Braunfels Utilities will be able to co-locate the facility on property we already had to purchase for the Trinity Well Field expansion.

Primary access to the new NBU Headquarters site is anticipated to be from Westpointe Drive, with a planned emergency access route through the Stone Crossing neighborhood. Every possible route was considered; however, following a third-party Traffic Impact Analysis, Westpointe Drive was identified as the most cost-effective primary access point. The Regional Transportation Presentation outlines the challenges with alternative route options and includes traffic impact analyses and diagrams of the planned route.

When the NBU Headquarters opens (anticipated 2024), it will consolidate operations of the Main Plaza Offices and Service Center, and will include NBU’s fleet. The new NBU Headquarters will provide an adequate amount of facility space for personnel, materials, and vehicles for decades to come.

February 2022 Update

New Braunfels Utilities continues to research customer comments that were raised during the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting that was held on October 6, 2021, for recommendation to the City Council. On October 7, 2021, NBU staff requested to temporarily postpone the scheduled October 25 City Council agenda item to allow for additional time to address customer comments adequately.  New Braunfels Utilities continues to research and consider all possibilities to address these concerns.

The following frequently asked questions are provided to bring the community current with our latest updates.

Below are some frequently asked questions about NBU Headquarters, as well as a projected timeline of the project.

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* All dates are projected dates and subject to change.