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Tree Trimming Practices: Preventing Power Outages

While trees are a valuable asset to many ecosystems and are integral to any landscape, they can often pose as a challenge when keeping the lights on and maintaining a reliable system. It’s a dangerous threat when trees make contact with live wires or its roots penetrate a water line.

The annual cost of labor and materials for tree pruning and removal is significant and ultimately is a cost shared by all NBU customers. The vast majority of trees that NBU maintains are trimmed to ensure there is adequate clearance to uninterrupted service. Tree trimming work is necessary to protect the public and NBU employees who service the lines, as well as to ensure safe, reliable electrical service.

Before You Plant!
Be aware of the location of all utility lines, including those underground. To locate underground lines such as electric, cable, telephone, and gas lines, “Call Before You Dig” at 811 nationwide. Call at least two business days before you plan to dig.
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Overgrown Tree
Planting the right tree in the right place, away from power lines, will help replenish local urban forests with quality trees and reduce NBU’s need to trim or remove trees.

Know the growth potential of your trees and place them an appropriate distance from power distribution lines.

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New Braunfels Utilities strives to maintain continuous electrical service and public safety by striking a balance between nature's beauty and operational requirements – find how they go beyond what’s required of the job and promise to keep the community safe and informed.

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