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Though New Braunfels Utilities’ (NBU) rates are among the lowest when compared to others in our region, we realize that utility bills can also be more than anticipated, especially during the on-peak season (June through September).  We offer many tools for managing your utility costs, and we are here to help. For example, we can show how your usage compares to your neighborhood and community averages, explain rates, or discuss your sprinkler system settings to limit your max volume, reducing water usage and expense for lawn irrigation. We can show you how to program the system to receive an automated text if you are approaching predefined water or electric volume during the month. Customers may experience higher utility bills because of summer temperatures and drought conditions, coupled with water rate increases.  Water rate increases are necessary to maintain regulatory compliance and replace and maintain aging infrastructure.

NBU Offers:

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New Braunfels Utilities’ rates are designed to cover the cost of providing essential services. Upgrading existing infrastructure and expanding infrastructure to support our community is vital. Even with NBU’s aggressive Capital Improvement Plan, NBU’s rates remain among the lowest in the region.

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