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Ranked as the second fastest growing city in the country New Braunfels’ record growth comes with an expectation to meet demands of the future.

With the changing electric utility industry, NBU is focused on strategic topics including renewable generation, distributed generation, and demand response.

Electric meters provided to NBU customers increased 4.5% in the last fiscal year

The increasing cost of new water supply requires us to carefully evaluate the timing and selection of supply projects in which we will invest. Each of these requires essential infrastructure to meet the needs of our community.

Water meters provided to NBU customers increased 5.2% in the last fiscal year

Water and Sewer rate changes for New Braunfels Utilities customers.

To support required upgrades to NBU’s infrastructure and resources, water and wastewater rates increased, November 1, 2019. New Braunfels Utilities’ water rates remain among the lowest when compared to neighboring communities.

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NBU Five-Year Capital Improvement Projects show our plans for the future.
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