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As New Braunfels and the NBU service territory continue to experience unprecedented growth, NBU has committed to more than $688 million in 145 capital improvement projects from FY2022 to FY2026. These improvement projects will ensure we are well prepared to meet the electric, water, and wastewater needs of our customers for decades to come.

Below you can find information about existing projects and any road closures or impacts resulting from their construction.

Castell Avenue 24-inch Water Line Project

This project will provide an additional 24-inch transmission mainline needed to send water from downtown New Braunfels to the County Line ground storage tank and surrounding areas and replace aging water and sewer lines. The project was separated into two bid packages, East and West.

No weekend work will be allowed in the downtown areas and sidewalks are to remain open, to the extent possible, for pedestrian traffic. Service connections from the water and wastewater lines to each individual business will be completed between Monday and Thursday, 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. to minimize impacts of service outages.

Scheduled Traffic Impacts

Schedules are subject to change.


Work on the West portion of the project began in April 2021 and was substantially completed in June 2022.


Work on the East portion of the project began in May 2021 with an estimated completion date of February 2023, weather permitting.

  • Castell Avenue and Nacogdoches Street will be closed through 8.26.2022.
  • Castell Avenue and Elm Street will be closed from 8.29.2022 to 9.01.2022.
  • Castell Avenue and Faust Street will be closed through 8.16.2022.
  • Coll Street to San Antonio Street will be closed daily from 1:00 – 11:00 a.m., through November 2022. Late night and morning construction work will be done to allow for the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the day and to help minimize construction interruptions for area businesses.
Photo of Castell Avenue East Project

East South Street and South Central Avenue Water Line Realignment Project

This $425,000 project is a part of NBU’s general aging water infrastructure upgrade plan. The project will improve the area’s aging water infrastructure in connection with the City of New Braunfels completing its roadway project.

The project will relocate and replace approximately 900 linear feet (LF) of the existing six-inch water line between South Union Avenue and South Houston Avenue with an eight-inch water line. Additionally, the project will relocate approximately 100 LF of the existing eight-inch water line from the East South Street intersection toward Common Street.

MGC Contractors began work on June 20, 2022, and are projected to complete construction in mid-August 2022. The water line realignment will require roadways to be closed to thru-traffic. Vehicular access to residences and businesses will be maintained at all times; however, minor detours may be required for short periods of time during water line and customer service line tie-ins.

Scheduled Traffic Impacts

Schedules are subject to change.

Work on this project began in June 2022 with an estimated completion date of August 2022, weather permitting.

The following streets will experience frequent lane closures and traffic detours during the scheduled construction:

  • Early July to September 2022 – South Central Avenue from Common Street to East South Street.
  • 8.15.2022 through 8.17.2022 – Inside eastbound lane of Common Street will be closed while a valve located at the intersection of Common Street and Central Avenue is replaced.
  • Mid-August to September 2022 – Customers in the area will be without water for an all-day shut down while service lines are tied-in to the new water main. Forty-eight-hour advance notice will be given.
  • Mid-August to September 2022 – Residents may experience minor detours in order for crews to access their property for a short period while water main line and customer service line tie-ins occur.

Grandview Pump Station and Discharge Line Upgrade Project

This nearly $5.5 million project is just one of 77 water/sewer projects that NBU has planned to keep improving its system and is part of our master plan to help ensure that residents and businesses in New Braunfels continue to have reliable access to water for decades to come.

This project includes capacity upgrades to NBU’s Well #4 facility at the end of Beverly Lane, the installation of a larger pipeline from Well #4 to the Grandview Pump Station, and the installation of a larger pipeline from the Kerlick/Walnut intersection to the other side of Loop 337. The section of pipeline between Grandview and Kerlick Lane was upsized when TxDOT widened Walnut Avenue with the “Up the Hill” Project several years ago. Overall, this grouping of projects will increase water production capacity (Well #4), pumping and storage capacity (Grandview), and transmission capacity (the pipelines) to bring water from NBU’s lowest and largest pressure zone where the majority of water is produced, the Downtown Zone, to the Kerlick Zone, which serves a significant portion of NBU’s water system from the Kerlick/Mission neighborhood to State Highway 46 Newks and half of Veramendi areas.

New Braunfels Utilities and the contractor are working to ensure no roads will be closed with the planned work outlined below; just the sidewalk and part of the right turn lane from State Highway 46 to the HEB driveway, off of the Loop 337 Frontage Road. We are planning to keep at least two of the three lanes of traffic open on Walnut Avenue at all times. Additionally, Kerlick Lane is an important road to keep open, and the contractor will work to address any anticipated changes as early as possible.

Scheduled Traffic Impacts

Schedules are subject to change.

Work on this project began in May 2022 with an estimated completion date of December 2022, weather permitting.

July 2022
  • Rock trenching will continue along Loop 337 Frontage Road (near H-E-B) and move down to and along North Walnut Avenue.
  • The three driveways to The Oaks Shopping Center will be closed for open-cut pipe installation. One driveway will be closed at a time from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., with 48-hour advanced notice. Half of one driveway will be closed at a time during concrete repairs.
Fall 2022
  • Water tie-ins to occur causing temporary shutdowns.

McQueeney 24-inch Water Line Project

The project is one of 145 Capital Improvement Projects slated over the next five years and budgeted at nearly $3.9 M. This project will upgrade existing infrastructure by replacing a 12-inch water line along McQueeney Road from County Line Road to the County Line Memorial Trail with 18-inch and 24-inch gravity mains. These improvements will provide additional capacity for future growth in the area. The project began in June 2021.

Scheduled Traffic Impacts

Schedules are subject to change.

McQueeney Road between Trade Center Drive and IH-35 southbound frontage road will remain closed through Fall 2022, to allow New Braunfels Utilities’ contracted crews to install a bore pit for water infrastructure under IH-35 in the westbound lanes of McQueeney Road. The closures are clearly marked and detour signs will guide traffic around closures.

In early July, NBU’s contractor will begin installing a new 24-inch water line by open cut from the intersection of southbound I-35 frontage road and McQueeney Road to the McQueeney Road/West Merriweather Street intersection, and then to the West Merriweather/Castell Avenue intersection. This work is projected to be completed in mid-August, weather permitting.

Surface Water Treatment Plant 24-inch and 30-inch Discharge and Water Line Project

This project will provide additional transmission capacity to deliver clean, high-quality drinking water to our community now and decades into the future. When completed, the project will help to alleviate high-pressure issues in the area when the Headwaters at the Comal, the Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP), and Landa Park pumps are running simultaneously.         

The work will cover approximately 2.5 miles, constructing approximately 12,800 linear feet of 24-inch and 30-inch water main. Work will include trenching/backfill, trench safety, curved micro-tunneling, jacking/boring, fittings, valves, and connections, generally from the Surface Water Treatment Plant located on Gruene Road to the 306 Pump Station located at 2320 East Common Street. Much of the work will be done along Rivercrest Drive, Gruene Road, and Waterway Lane.

This project will connect and provide transmission capacity to support NBU’s Landa Park pump station expansion and dovetail into the planned Surface Water Treatment Plant expansion project.

Scheduled Traffic Impacts

Traffic control will be in place along Gruene Road between Rivercrest Drive and Waterway Lane until August 30, 2022, and will move along Gruene Road as construction progresses. Vehicular traffic should expect delays, varying lane conditions, and flaggers directing traffic. Access to homes and businesses will be maintained for the duration of construction.

Schedules are subject to change.

Work on this project began in February 2022 with an estimated completion date in spring of 2023, weather permitting.

  • Waterway Lane and Gruene Road – 8.15.2022 through 8.18.2022, one-lane traffic control during the day for pavement repair. Roadway will be fully reopened in the evenings.
  • Gruene Road (from Hanz Drive to Rivercrest Drive) – Impacted through August, two-way, two-lane traffic at all times during concrete restoration and then asphalt restoration.
  • Rivercrest Drive (between Gruene Road and Loop 337) – 07.18.2022 through 8.26.2022, One-lane one-way traffic during open-cut pipe installation.
SWTP Discharge Water Line Project Alignment Image
Watch an informational presentation about the benefits and impact of the NBU SWTP project.

For Further Questions Regarding Current Projects

Contact NBU at 830.608.8971 or by email.