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Pouring used cooking oil and grease down a sink can be unhealthy and costly.

When fats, oils, and grease are released into the sewer lines, they can seriously degrade the collection system’s ability to remove waste. They may also lead to costly home plumbing repairs.

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Why should you properly dispose of fats, oils, and grease?

Proper disposal of fat, oils, and grease is the better choice for not only the environment but also for your home, for a few reasons. You can prevent grease buildups from blocking sewer lines and stop sewer overflows into streets and storm drains. If that is not enough of an incentive, think about the money saved that would otherwise be spent on the costly cleanups of sewage spills.

Proper Disposal Techniques

Food and grease should never go down the drain — use a strainer to help keep your sink flowing free. Be sure to prewash your dishes, removing grease from dishes and cookware with a paper towel before washing, and avoid using your garbage disposal by scraping food scraps from dishes into the trash.

More Ways to Conserve

Use environmentally safe cleaning products instead of harsh cleaners that can harm sewer lines. If you generate large amounts of used cooking oil, reuse or recycle it. If you generate small amounts of used cooking oil, reuse it and then dispose of it a covered container. Start a compost pile at your home with food scraps excluding meat.