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A NBU utility easement allows New Braunfels Utilities the right to use an owner’s property for specific purposes such as to construct, repair, maintain, operate, and manage utility facilities. NBU utility easements must be kept clear so that New Braunfels Utilities can efficiently operate the utility systems under its control.

While most building permits don’t provide much information about easements, NBU can provide general easement information to a property owner at no cost.

New Braunfels Utilities does not permit any structure or improvement that it has not specifically approved in writing to be constructed on any of its easements.

Some examples of structures not allowed include: sheds, patios, swimming pools, ponds, spas, signs, mast-type equipment, abandoned vehicles, mobile homes, buildings of any type, wells, and decorative landscaping.

If you have additional questions about easements, contact us at