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If your business meets the criteria, you can be registered in our Critical Load Program and receive advance notice and be prioritized when scheduled outages occur.

What Is It

Our Critical Load Program is a registry of non-residential service locations that can be classified as public safety, industrial, natural gas infrastructure, or communications, and have an approved Critical Load Program application with NBU.

When planned outages are scheduled or service interruptions for nonpayment occur, we will attempt to provide advance notice so preparations can be made. For unplanned outages, NBU will prioritize Critical Load Program participants for restoration as much as practicable.

Important Info

Our Critical Load Program sites cannot be guaranteed an uninterrupted, regular, or continuous power supply. Locations registered in the program are not exempt from planned service interruptions, nor are registered members exempt from their financial responsibilities or the termination of service in accordance with NBU policies.

Click here to learn about ERCOT directed load shedding and the impact of energy emergencies on the Texas power grid.

Electrical Load Shedding Procedure

Who Qualifies?

To be considered for NBU’s critical load registry, the service location must fall into one of the following categories:

Application Information

  • An application must be completed to obtain the designation of critical load status with NBU.
  • Applications must be submitted annually; sites will not be saved for the next application due date.
  • Critical load status includes designations for public safety and critical infrastructure.
  • Designation of critical load status does not relieve the need for payment for electric service, and service may be disconnected for failure to pay.
  • This application will not be processed and approved if incomplete or improperly submitted. All information is required unless otherwise indicated.
  • Submission of this application does not automatically result in critical load status. Notification of the status granted will be provided to the customer at the mailing and email address provided.
  • Critical load status cannot guarantee an uninterrupted, regular, or continuous power supply. If electricity is a necessity, it is the customer’s responsibility to make arrangements for on-site back-up capabilities or other alternatives in the event of loss of electric service.

How Can I Apply?

Download an application by clicking the link below or request one by calling 830.608.8925.

Completed applications can be submitted via email or mailed to NBU, P.O. Box 310289, New Braunfels, TX 78131- 0289.