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Developer driven projects involve platting and/or improvements to water and wastewater infrastructure or new connections to existing infrastructure within the boundary of NBU’s Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN), proposed by a developer or owner of a property.

The 2018 Water & Wastewater Impact Fee Report was approved by the New Braunfels City Council on August 13, 2018, and by the New Braunfels Utilities Board of Trustees on August 30, 2018.

The purpose of this Report is to summarize the methodology used in the development and calculation of water and wastewater impact fees for NBU. The methodology used herein satisfies the requirements of the Texas Local Government Code, Section 395, for the establishment and update of water and wastewater impact fees. As part of this study, updated land use assumptions were incorporated with water and wastewater loading criteria based on historical data to develop load projections for both the water and wastewater systems.

2022 Water and Wastewater Impact Fee Update

On November 14, 2022, NBU presented to the New Braunfels City Council an overview of the 2022 Impact Fee Study to include the land use assumptions, growth projections, water/wastewater criteria used to develop the Capital Improvement Plan, all other factors that influence the impact fee calculations, and the proposed maximum allowable impact fee. The New Braunfels City Council completed its second and final reading of the ordinance and voted unanimously to approve the maximum allowable impact fee.

Update (December 8, 2022)

The New Braunfels Utilities Board of Trustees reviewed the Impact Fee Study and approved the impact fee rate of collection at 100% at the December 8, 2022, Board Meeting.  The new Impact Fees will apply to properties with final plats recorded before June 20, 1987, or after January 31, 2023. Updated fees will be effective February 1, 2023.

The complete presentation can be viewed here.

Proposed 2022 Impact Fee Study

Capital Improvement Policy, effective November 13, 2018.

This Policy establishes a comprehensive system, consistent with state law and the ordinances of the City of New Braunfels, to assure that the costs of capital improvements and facility expansions made by NBU on account of new development are fairly distributed between the owner of the new development and the ratepayers. The City has passed and adopted the Water and Wastewater Capital Recovery Fees Ordinance and subsequent amendments; thereto, authorizing the collection of water and wastewater capital recovery fees and directing NBU to establish a policy with respect to implementation of the Ordinance.

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