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With winter upon us, below are some simple tips that can help save energy and lower your utility costs.

Energy Conservation Techniques

Seal Up Your Windows

• Inspect your windows and use silicone caulk to seal gaps.

• Save energy while you are away by installing a smart thermostat. Some new thermostats are also Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from your mobile devices.

Get Help From the Sun

• Let the sun provide free heat by opening the curtains on south-facing windows during daylight hours. At night, close the curtains to help keep the warm air inside your home.

Locate and Eliminate Leaks

• Cold or hot air can escape your home through gaps or holes around plumbing, recessed lighting, chimneys, and exhaust vents. Locate any leaks and seal them.

• Caulk or weather stripping will seal gaps in doors and windows.

Adjust the ThermostatRebate Available

• Set your thermostat to as low a temperature as you can comfortably tolerate. 68 degrees is a good guideline during times which occupants are home and awake.

• Install a smart thermostat to automatically change the temperature based on time of day and occupancy.

Adjust Your Water Heater

• Extend the life of your home investments by reducing the temperature setting of your water heater to 120 degrees.

Keep Your AC/Heating System Running EfficientlyRebate Available

• Replace the filters on furnaces or heat pumps once a month – or more often if necessary.

Optimize Your Fireplace (If Your Home Has One)

• Unless a fire is burning, keep the damper closed. An open damper can allow warm air from inside the house to escape out the chimney.

Holiday Conservation

Upgrading to LED Christmas Lights

• The easiest way to save money during the holidays is by trading in your regular lights for high efficiency LED lights. LED lights use 90% less electricity and last much longer than their incandescent counterparts. Also consider getting a timer to limit how long lights stay on.

If Traveling, Turn Down Thermostat and Unplug Devices

• If you are planning to leave home for the holidays, set your thermostat back substantially while gone. You may also want to unplug TVs, computers, printers, radios, and other electronics that can use energy even when they are not turned on. If you see a light on the device, chances are it is using energy.

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