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Contact: Gretchen Reuwer, NBU Public Affairs Manager, (830) 629-8454

New Braunfels on verge of Stage 1 drought restrictions

NEW BRAUNFELS—Significant drops in the aquifer have continued over the past several weeks and moved New Braunfels ever closer towards Stage 1 drought restrictions. The aquifer is less than a foot away from the trigger level of 660 feet for Stage 1 drought restrictions and could fall at or below as early as the weekend. NBU customers are asked to begin preparing for the change in landscape watering.

“We are seeing very heavy demand on the NBU water system that can largely be attributed to increased landscape watering,” NBU Environmental Affairs Manager Suzanne Williams says. “Usage is now over 15 million gallons a day compared to about 10 million gallons per day in June. This has coincided with significant drops in the aquifer of anywhere from .5 to a foot or more per day.”

If Stage 1 drought restrictions go into effect, customers will be allowed to use a sprinkler or irrigation system one day per week based on the last digit of their address as long as they do so before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m. These restrictions apply to both residential and commercial customers alike. The requirements for landscape water and other outdoor water use are as follows:

0 or 1: Monday

2 or 3: Tuesday

4 or 5: Wednesday

6 or 7: Thursday

8 or 9: Friday

Watering with a hand-held hose, bucket, soaker hose, or a drip irrigation system is allowed any time on any day during Stage 1. The ordinance also prohibits outdoor fountains and waterfalls, requires a variance confirmation from the NBU Environmental Affairs Division for watering new landscaping, and limits vehicle washing at home to watering days and times over a pervious surface.

“Reducing the use of non-essential water for landscapes enables NBU to manage through mandated reductions by the EAA, GBRA and TCEQ with our current, less expensive water supply,” Williams explains.

The latest watering information can be accessed 24-hours a day by calling the NBU Water Hot Line at (830) 608-8925 or by visiting New Braunfels water usage guides are available at the NBU Main Office as well as the NBU web site under the Conservation tab.