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Item No. 102

Clearing and Grubbing

102.1 Description

This item shall govern the removal and disposal of all trees, stumps, brush, roots, shrubs, vegetation, logs, rubbish and other objectionable material.

102.2  Submittals

The submittal requirements of this specification item may include:A. A permit when utility adjustments are made in the right-of-way, andB. A plan for removal and deposition of all clearing and grubbing materials and debris.

102.3 Construction Methods

Prior to commencement of this work, all required erosion control and tree protection measures indicated on the Drawings shall be in place. The existing utilities shall be located and protected as specified in the Standard Contract Documents, and/or indicated on the Drawings.  A permit shall be required when utility adjustments are to be made in preparation for construction in the right-of-way.  Areas within the construction limits indicated on the Drawings shall be cleared of all trees, stumps, brush, etc., as defined in section 102.1; except trees or shrubs scheduled for preservation which shall be carefully trimmed as directed, in accordance with Item No. 610, ” Preservation of Trees and Other Vegetation” and shall be protected from scarring, barking or other injuries during construction operations.  All exposed cuts over 2 inches in diameter, exposed ends of pruned limbs or scarred bark shall be treated with an approved asphalt material within 24 hours of the pruning or injury. Construction equipment shall not be operated nor construction materials stockpiled under the canopies of trees, unless otherwise indicated on the Drawings and/or specified in the Contract Documents.  Excavation or embankment materials shall not be placed within the drip line of trees until tree wells are constructed. Within the construction limits or areas indicated, all obstructions, stumps, roots, vegetation, abandoned structures, rubbish and objectionable material shall be removed to the following depths: 

1.      In areas to receive 6 inches or more embankment, a minimum of 12 inches below natural ground. 

2.      In areas to receive embankment less than 6 inches a minimum of 18 inches below the lower elevation of embankment, structure or excavation. 

3.      In areas to be excavated a minimum of 18 inches below the lower elevation of the embankment, structure or excavation. 

4.      In all other areas a minimum of 12 inches below natural ground.Holes remaining after removal of all obstructions, objectionable material, trees, stumps, etc. shall be backfilled with select embankment material and compacted by approved methods.  All cleared and grubbed material shall be disposed of in a manner satisfactory to the Engineer or designated representative.  Unless otherwise provided, all materials as described above shall become the property of the Contractor and removed from the site and disposed of at a permitted disposal site.

Burning materials at the site shall conform to City of New Braunfels and County Regulations.  

102.4 Measurement

“Clearing and Grubbing”, when included in the contract as a pay item, will be measured by the acre, 100 foot stations or lump sum, regardless of the width of the right of way.

102.5 Payment

All work performed by this item will be considered subsidiary to other bid items unless it is included as a separate bid item in the contract documents then all work performed as required herein and measured as provided under “Measurement” will be paid for at the unit bid price.  The bid prices shall include full compensation for furnishing all labor; all materials; all royalty and freight involved; all hauling and delivering on the road; and all tools, equipment and incidentals necessary to complete the work.  Payment will not be made for unauthorized work. Payment, when included as a contract pay items, will be made under one of the following: 

Pay Item: Clearing and Grubbing                                                                       Per Acre.

Pay Item: Clearing and Grubbing                                                      Per 100 foot Station.

Pay Item: Clearing and Grubbing                                                                    Lump Sum.