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New Braunfels Utilities Linemen Compete to Test Their Skills at Local Lineworkers Rodeo

(New Braunfels, TX – July 9, 2021) – Linemen and fellow employees from New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) competed in the Seguin Apprentice Lineworker Rodeo on Thursday, July 1, 2021. The local competition included employees from neighboring municipal electric utilities including the City of Seguin, San Marcos Electric Utility, and New Braunfels Utilities. There was a total of 21 competitors.

Apprentice linemen were challenged to compete in a series of five events to earn up to 100 points for each event. Competitors tested their skills and abilities in the Hurtman Rescue, Speed Climb, Cut-Out Change, Transformer Bank Wiring, and Knots for on the job rigging. New Braunfels Utilities’
Ty McFarlin finished with a perfect 500-point score, earning first place in the Overall category. New Braunfels Utilities placed in the following categories:

• 1st place Ty McFarlin
• 2nd place Tristan Tips
• 4th place Nick Woods

Speed Climb
• 2nd place Nick Woods
• 3rd place Taylor Ross
• 4th place Tristan Tips

Cut-Out Change
• 2nd place Ty McFarlin
• 3rd place Tristan Tips
• 4th place Karson Pennick

Three Pot Transformer Bank
• 1st place Ty McFarlin
• 2nd place Tristan Tips
• 3rd place Nick Woods

• 1st place Karson Pennick
• 2nd place Nick Woods
• 4th place Garrett Jones

• 1st place Ty McFarlin
• 3rd place Nick Woods
• 4th Garrett Jones

The training involved for a Lineman Apprentice to graduate to a Journeyman is rigorous. Pole climbing, with up to 30 pounds of gear, is a vital component of that training. Apprentices who represented NBU in the pole climbing events included Levi Hidalgo, Garrett Jones, Ty McFarlin, Karson Pennick, Taylor Ross, Tristan Tips, Nate Wallsmith, and Nick Woods.

The NBU Barbecue team cooked a great meal with help from employees of NBU’s Electric Operations, Water Operations, and Fleet employees. Team members included Aristan Combest, John Espinoza, Gerald Lehman, Paul Mata, Jesse Rosales, and Mike Vineyard.

The lineworker rodeo competitions promote education, safety, and on the job proficiency as well as enhance teamwork. The lineworkers have the opportunity to network and build lasting relationships that promote innovation and professionalism.

“At NBU, we have a well-established Apprenticeship Program that is committed to providing the best training opportunities for our lineworkers,” said Manager of Electric Operations, Justin Green. “Competing in the Lineworkers Rodeos, both on the state and international level, encourages competition that challenges and further improves skills that are essential on the job every day. Each competition is designed to display the skills learned through the Apprenticeship Program.”

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo was cancelled for the past two years due to the coronavirus and the winter storm. However, lineworkers across the state are preparing for the July 14, 2022, Texas Lineman’s Rodeo, where their skills will be tested against the very best in the state.

To learn more about the New Braunfels Apprentice Program, contact Coby Henk at


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