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Contact: Melissa Krause
Chief Communications and Strategy Officer
830.629.8440 |

(New Braunfels, TX – June 13, 2022) – Historically, when the Edwards Aquifer J-17 Well registers below 640-feet, New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) imposes Stage 3 drought restrictions to help curtail water usage to preserve the Aquifer level and Comal River spring flow. That has not happened since 2015.  Today, the J-17 Well ten-day average hit 639.5, dropping below the Stage 3 trigger. It is no surprise that record-setting heat and little rainfall combined with summer’s typical increased demand is taking a toll on the area’s largest water source – the Edwards Aquifer.  Though the Edwards Aquifer permitted withdrawals are reduced at each drought Sage, NBU has more than enough water to cover the curtailments and the Mayor has decided not to declare Stage 3 water use reduction measures at this time.

“It is NBU’s responsibility to inform and make recommendations to the Mayor of New Braunfels when drought conditions warrant entering the next Stage level. At this time, NBU has made a recommendation to the Mayor that we do not enter Stage 3,” cited Chief Executive Officer of NBU Ian Taylor. “Since the drought of 2011-2014, NBU has diversified its water resources and nearly doubled the amount of water in our portfolio.  Additionally, conservation practices by our customers have reduced the average water consumption per day through conservative watering practices.” 

New Braunfels Utilities has typically followed the Drought Stage triggers outlined by the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EEA), which would require NBU to reduce its draw from the Aquifer by 35% during Stage 3.

New Braunfels Utilities consistently monitors multiple climate and utility operating system factors to understand the severity of the drought we face. Crucial components of the plan include observing and understanding the percentage of the state’s drought conditions, the severity of those drought conditions, annual rainfall to date versus average rainfall, and weather forecasts. New Braunfels Utilities must also monitor its system’s daily water pumping requirements, the Comal River’s spring flow, lake and Aquifer levels, and how long the drought has persisted.

While we will not enter Stage 3 drought restrictions at this time, that recommendation could change if the drought persists or if any of the important monitoring triggers are negatively impacted.

Current Stage 2 watering restrictions for landscape watering with a sprinkler is allowed one day per week based on the last digit of your address:

Addresses ending 0 or 1: Monday                 Addresses ending 2 or 3: Tuesday

Addresses ending 4 or 5: Wednesday           Addresses ending 6 or 7: Thursday

Addresses ending 8 or 9: Friday

Use of a hand-held hose, bucket, soaker hose, drip irrigation system, or a soaker hose that does not spray water into the air would be allowed on any day BEFORE 10:00 a.m. and AFTER 8:00 p.m. during Stage 2. The use of a sprinkler or irrigation system is not permitted on the weekends during Stages 1, 2, or 3.

New Braunfels Utilities has a diverse and resilient water supply and a robust water resources plan that ensures adequate water for our growing community. New Braunfels Utilities’ water resources are expected to meet our community’s future water needs for generations to come if we all continue to build a culture of wise water use.

Stay informed of the latest watering requirements by visiting,, or by calling the NBU water hotline at 830.608.8925. In addition to providing a complete copy of the New Braunfels Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan, residents can review the Drought Contingency Plan or request an assessment and explore tips for saving water inside and outside the home.

Tomorrow evening, at 5:00 p.m., at the Civic and Convention Center, NBU will host a Community Meeting and share valuable information about its diverse, resilient water supply and offer customer tips and resources for managing their utility bills.

New Braunfels Utilities’ customers are reminded that peak tiered water rates took effect June 1 and remain effective through September 30. Conservation measures can help to manage your utility bill. To learn more, visit


About New Braunfels Utilities:
Dedicated to excellence in service, New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) was established in 1942 and is one of 2,000 community-owned, nonprofit public power electric utilities in the nation. The mission of NBU is to enhance the quality of our community by providing innovative, essential services. Governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of local residents appointed by the New Braunfels City Council, NBU is committed to being a recognized and trusted community partner, providing essential electric, water, and wastewater services. Utility revenue is invested back into the utility systems, which benefits the community. New Braunfels Utilities makes an annual transfer to the City of New Braunfels, which in turn help
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