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Information for current residential customers, or those who are moving into residences with existing NBU service, constructing a new home in the NBU service area or applying for NBU services.

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Information for current business/commercial/industrial customers, or those who are moving into an existing building or constructing a new facility in the NBU service area.

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 At NBU we are about more than simply providing excellent electricity, water and sewer services to New Braunfels. Our customers are our neighbors and friends and we cherish each of these relationships. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our customers through excellence in service. By utilizing consistent efficiency improvements and programs like On Line Account Access and Utility Bill Assistance, we work to give our neighbors the most valuable service possible. As good stewards, we utilize effective water conservation and environmental protection practices in order to keep the streams and community of New Braunfels pristine for our children and grandchildren. We look forward to serving you—our neighbors and friends—with the best in electric, water and sewer services.

Stage 3 Watering Restrictions are in effect. This means that use of a sprinkler or irrigation system will be limited to one day a week every other week.

Watering with a sprinkler or irrigation system will next be allowed the week of July 28 - August 1 based on the ending number of your street address:
0 or 1: Monday
2 or 3: Tuesday
4 or 5: Wednesday
6 or 7: Thursday
8 or 9: Friday

NOTE: Watering with a handheld hose, bucket, soaker hose or drip irrigation system is allowed on any day but only before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Watering with a sprinkler or irrigation system is not allowed on Saturday or Sunday in Drought Stages 1, 2 or 3.
You can get the latest watering restriction information or report a watering violation 24/7 by calling (830) 608-8925.
We welcome your input about topics such as what NBU is doing to ensure a long term water supply, the City's current Water Conservation and Critical Period Management Plan, and ways you think it can be made more effective. Join the discussion at!


Watering Restriction Stage Currently in Effect
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